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" Wait, there's code for a visual novel adult vr sex games? I can't think information technology being hard to learn. Isn't IT simply shit wish "here's how the text works" and "why don't we fade to another image or approximately shit"? "From experience with the renpy engine (which, BTW, is python-supported ), I put up tell you it's A bit Thomas More indocile than that. While your most staple (or, atomic number 3 some would say, to the highest degree pure) Visual Novel basically consists exclusively of sequences of text and images with infrequent branches correspondent to a choose your own venture hold (vitamin E.g. "Give yourself Goosebumps" [and how the sin do I still remember those?]), a good allot of them really have variable star trailing and about actually enter loops and start acquiring encourage out from pure VNs and start edging towards the title of Dating/Raising Sims. @Kill: Documentation is your champion. unfortunately, Screen Language is not that well registered (examples are very dry and barely useful, if astatine whol ), sol you'll have to try out from time to time. If in nail doubt, require along the Lemmasoft forums for serve (they're jolly much the go down -to assembly for Ren'Py subscribe )

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